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With over 40 years’ experience, we have been the leaders in exterior design, creativity and building in NJ, NY & PA. Anywhere from your simple Residential roof to a Commercial building. We are here to build your dreams. Not only roofing, but siding, windows, doors and even gutter cleaning. Progressive Exteriors is your one stop shop for your exterior needs.

Over the years of building, we have been able to keep the quality and workmanship to the highest standards. Our crews are trained with the customer always in mind. We know that having work on your home is always stressful, but we are here for you. Quality and professionalism are always number one with Progressive Exteriors.

Our sales team is here to help you with all your choices and decisions. They have studied over the years what makes our clients the happiest, and from there we can make sure we make the process as smooth as possible. We train day in and day out in customer satisfaction and leading trends. We would love to be able to help with anything we can, from color selections to even material being used. Our professionals are here always for the customer.

Our Manufacturers

Our Manufacturers

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